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  • It’s not just the door. It’s what’s behind it.

    Superior engineering. Technical expertise. The best warranty in the business. And much, much more.

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  • Grocery Store Refrigerated Produce Aisle

    Solve your problems. Don't just live with them.

    Is moisture infiltration into your walk-in freezer costing you money and creating unsafe working conditions for your employees?? HCR solutions are cost-effective and simple to install.?

  • Woman Demonstrating High-Speed Fabric Rollup Door Safety

    Fast, self repairing, and completely safe.

    Standard speed is up to 100" per second.? At the heart of our design is our innovative curtain edge that firmly holds the curtain yet?releases when impacted, then auto resets on next door cycle.?

  • A million doors and counting.

    After more than 100 years, we know a thing or two about building a superior door. From cold storage doors to high speed fabric doors to sound reduction doors to recirculatory air doors, Jamison has the solution.?

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  • Remove All Obstacles

    HCR recirculatory air doors Remove All Obstacles

  • Fish Market in Cold Storage Warehouse

    The Best Solution Provider

    Whatever the application, Jamison technologies maximize energy savings and work efficiency.? Let's make your facility better.


Featured Products

ThermicRoll Standard Headroom

The ThermicRoll spiraling door is a state-of-the-art door guaranteeing the best performance in terms of speed,
safety, and insulation, combined with a very attractive appearance. Suitable for both internal and external applications, the ThermicRoll is a great fit for a range of environments.

The ThermicRoll door is a counterweighted door, no springs, with a patented CNC machine system to create track grooves replacing other complex steel track systems and requires no lubrication.

Insulated panels have high thermal-acoustic insulation, but can also be offered in both acrylic clear view or
perforated for ventilation.

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Plyfoam II Swing Door

Plyfoam? II Swing Doors

The Plyfoam?II cooler and freezer door model has set the standard in swinging doors. Frame is flush with the floor line, meaning there is no sill to embed in concrete. Self-rising hinges actually lift the door when opened, reducing gasket wear and eliminating the need for sloped floors. The sweep-type sill gasket also prevents thermal infiltration.

Plyfoam?II Doors are reliable, durable, tight sealing, easy-to-install and can be ordered in a wide array of styles and options.

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The Model RCAV is a short, conditioned-air vestibule for freezer to outer room conditions that span large temperature differentials up to 100 degrees with average doorway traffic and limited floor space around the door.

It significantly reduces refrigeration load while preventing frost, ice and wetness at the doorway. It consists of two high speed rollup doors, and a heated horizontal, recirculatory air curtain between the doors. It is equipped with a PLC or Solid State automated control, to regulate the amount of air and heat required.

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News & Events

Jamison Door Company's Response to Covid-19

During this Covid-19 Pandemic, the Jamison Door Companies are determined to continue to safe guard our employee’s health while continuing to supply the needs of the temperature controlled industry with high quality products, delivered right, and delivered on time.
We want to share with you measures we’ve implemented to achieve the above goals. ?First, a few weeks ago, we posted the CDC recommendations and installed hand sanitizing stations outside restrooms, time clocks, and entry areas. ?We instructed our cleaning personnel to do deeper sanitizing of surfaces touched by personnel. ?We are emphasizing social distancing. ?We are limiting visitors including vendors at our plants and any business travel requiring use of mass transit such as airlines. ?Last week we again distributed and posted the CDC recommendations. ?This week management met with all our Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Montana employees to discuss Covid-19, measures taken, and to try to answer all questions. ?We took a new approach by meeting in small groups so we could maintain social distancing while seriously discussing the CDC recommendations. ?The small group approach worked out really well. ?As anticipated, there were a lot of thoughtful concerns and people felt much more comfortable voicing and discussing those concerns in small groups of coworkers. ?From our discussions, more hand sanitizing stations are now on order as well as sanitizing wipes, sprays, and tissues. ?Management continues to discuss and create additional needed response protocols. ?The Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) has been very helpful with their management materials, as well as, our Federal health organizations.?
We’re all in a very dynamic changing landscape, every so many hours there seems to be another announcement that affects us to some degree, but please know that your Jamison team will do what it can and is allowed, to protect the health of our employees while taking care of the needs of our customers....Click here to read more.

Service and Installation School | New & Improved

From our new BMP high-speed fabric and rollup facility in PA, Jamison is excited to offer detailed instruction in servicing and installing Jamison doors. This instruction is valuable for contractors, service providers, and end users alike....Click here to read more.

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